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Updated 15July2020

		RCPH 2020-21 Officers 

RCPH 2020-21 Officers 
President - Matt Ellison
President Elect - 
Treasurer - Stella Kimura
Secretary - Willa Gardner
Sergeant at Arms - John Doty
Past Presidents - Ernie Anderson, Stefanie Wilson, Raymond Noh

		2020-21 Directors

Club Service - Jeffrey Deer
Community Service Director - John Doty
International Service – Bill Bow
Membership - Steve Dyer
Vocational Service – Ellie Kaanaana


Foundation Chair – Ernie Anderson
Program Coordinator Chair - Jeff Deer
Scholarship Chair - Steve Dyer


Ernest G. Anderson Past President 2009-10 and quarter 2019-2020
Pat Anderson
David S. Arashiro
William H.Q. Bow Past President 2002-03 and quarter 2018-2019
Alice T. Clark
Sefton “Bee” Clark
Jeffrey H. Deer Past President 1997-98
Edward John Doty Past President 1996-97 and 2016-17 and quarter 2019-2020
Stephen Dyer Past Asst. Dist. Gov. 2005-07 Past Pres 1999-00 and quarter 2018-2019
Bruce A. Fink Past President 2004-05 and 2017-18
Dudley L. Fullard-Leo
Willa Gardner
Elouise P. Kaanaana - Past President 2010-11 and quarter 2018-2019
Stella Kimura
Connie G. Kraus - Past President 2011-12
Eugene C. Kraus
John C. McLaughlin
Patricia Y. Middleton
Raymond Noh - President 2015-16 and quarter 2019-2020
Carl Oshiro Past President 2006-07
Douglas S. Taylor Past President 2012-13
Cristina Watarida
Stefanie Wilson - Past President 2008-2009 and quarter 2019-2020

                      Honorary Members

Merilyn Gray
James E. Varner Past District Governor 2006-07 Past President 1994-95
Harriet Weissman

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